~ by Mark_Hoff

If you decide that you want your kitchen to look like the Valar have just dropped by for supper, here are some easy steps you can take to acquire that heavenly look.

1) Find pictures online of your favorite Vala or the Trees of Valinor and copy them onto projector transparencies.

2) Shine these images up on a wall in your kitchen and trace them.

3) Paint in the desired colors (you can be creative here because not a whole lot is known about the appearances of the Valar)

4) Find some nice lettering stencils you like and trace the name of the Vala above it.

That’s the main section of tips for decorating your kitchen, but here are some others you may want to try out:

~ Find cool pictures or stencils of something associated with your Vala. (Example: Manwe- Eagles; Varda- Stars; Ulmo- Waves)

~ Turn things in your kitchen to Valar-themed objects. (Example: oven/stove to Aule’s forge; paint a spot on your wall where a chair usually is to look like a throne… Manwe and Mandos have cool thrones)

~ Use the idea of the projector transparencies again, but this time project onto plant pots, or maybe utensil holders (this can look really cool if done with various sybmols of the Valar or maybe just cool “celestial” objects, such as clouds or stars)

~ Choose a nice color scheme for painting the kitchen, based upon the personality of your chosen Vala. Here are my ideas for color schemes:

Manwe- Orange, Yellow, Red, White (to represent clouds and sunsets)

Varda- Purple, Dark Blue, Black, Silver (to represent night skies and the heavens)

Yavanna- Light Greens, Dark Greens (to represent plants and growth)

Aule- Grey, Black, Silver, and Gold (silver and gold could be sprinkled sparsely to look like fine metals unmined in a cave)(grey and black to get the essence of a cave’s darkness)

Ulmo- Blues and Greens (to look like water), White (for foam), light pinks and oranges (for sea life)

Nienna- Silver and light blues (for sorrow and tears)

Mandos- Black and very dark blues and greens (for darkness and death in his halls)

Tulkas- Gold and Bronze (to represent his armor and weaponry), and metallic grey (to represent steel)

Feel free to use these ideas and maybe they’ll jog your brain and help you to get even MORE creative! Remember… it’s your project and it will look as cool as you make it!

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