Back in 1999, Giuseppe Festa created a CD inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, calling it “Voices from Middle-Earth”. The title is about as acccurate as you can get … each and every one of the songs on this album (and the subsequent ones) contains music which sounds as though a mysterious link to Middle-Earth has been created through the CD. The lyrics of many of the songs are taken straight from the books and placed to beautiful music. Even the songs without lyrics from the Lord of the Rings, such as the song “Lingalad” and the instrumental tracks “Lothlorien” and “Small Moon’s Glade” sound as though they had come straight from the book.

Giuseppe Festa’s band, now calling itself Lingalad, has come out with three other CDs (in addition to an Italian version of Voices from Middle-Earth), a DVD, and has performed at both Gathering of the Fellowship 2003 and 2006.

The CD “Il Canto degli Alberi (The Singing of the Trees)” is composed entirely of instrumental tracks, and is dedicated to the National Park at Abruzzo, Italy.

“Lingalad in Concerto” is taken from the concert performed at a church in Predore. While most of the songs can be found on “Voci dalla Terra di Mezzo”, the Italian version of “Voices from Middle-Earth”, the song Navadrom comes from “Il Canto degli Alberi”.

The most recent CD is “Lo Spirito delle Foglie” (The Spirit of the Leaves), and is entirely in Italian, with some instrumental tracks.

The DVD, “I Sentieri di Lingalad”, is also entirely in Italian. It includes the video of the live concert in Predore and four music videos: Lingalad, Il Vecchio Lupo, Seguo il Sole, and Cuore di Pietra. It also has behind-the-scenes footage of the video “Il Vecchio Lupo”, and several slideshows set to music.

~ Ereinion

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