Aghan was one of the Drúedain who lived in the Forest of Brethil during the First Age. He was apparently skilled in the arts of healing and had studied the venoms used by Orcs.

At the time of the Orc-raids in Brethil, Aghan set about watching the home of his friend Barach, a man of the People of Haleth.

But soon, Aghan was forced away from the home to watch his injured kin. He left behind a 'watch-stone', a special figure carven in the shape of a Drúadan, to protect Barach's home.

While he was gone, Orcs attacked the house of Barach and set it ablaze, and it would have been destroyed if not for the appearance of a mysterious Drûg, who put out the fire.

Barach later discovered that it was the stone itself that had came to life and saved his home from Orcs, but it had been badly burned and broken.

Aghan himself, because of the power he had put into the stone, was also injured, but the wounds were already healing when he returned to see Barach the next day.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Seon