The younger son of Elendil and brother of Isildur.

The brothers, both of whom had been born in Númenor before its fall, escaped in ships with their father. Anárion had two ships in his command, his brother three. He and his brother ruled as Kings of Gondor from shortly after its founding (in 3320 Second Age) until Anárion died in 3440.

As the realm was originally ordered, Anárion was given the fief of Anórien (named after him), which he ruled from his high city of Minas Anor. There he had one of the palantíri, saved from the wreckage of Númenor.

When Sauron suddenly attacked Gondor, in SA 3429, Anárion took command of the Southern Army and was successful in confining the enemy to the further (eastern) shore of the Great River, the Anduin, and defending Osgiliath.

Isildur, meanwhile, went to his father in the north and together they rallied the Dúnedain and forged the Last Alliance. Anárion was slain (with many others) on the plateau of Gorgoroth.
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