Melkor's great underground fortress, prison, barracks, mines, and factory, located 150 leagues north of Menegroth behind the south-western corner of the Ered Engrin (Iron Mountains). It was originally built by Melkor as an outpost to Utumno and was intended to guard Utumno against assault by the Valar. The first Lieutenant of Angband was Sauron.

Angband was destroyed after the Battle of the Powers, but its pits were not scoured, and Sauron, the Balrogs and other of Melkor's servants hid there during their master's captivity.

After Melkor returned to Middle-Earth with the Silmarils, he rebuilt Angband, raised Thangorodrim over it, and built a great tunnel under the Ered Engrin from Angband to Ard-galen. Angband served as Melkor's headquarters during the War of the Great Jewels, and it was there he bred his monsters.

Although it was attacked a number of times, Angband was not finally laid under siege until the early centuries of the First Age. During the Dagor Bragollach though, this siege was finally broken. Angband was at last fully destroyed afterwards in the breaking of Beleriand after the War of Wrath.

Its other names included Iron Prison, Hells of Iron, and Angamando.
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