Her name meant 'Noble Lady'. She was also called Ar-Feiniel, or 'White Lady of the Noldor' because of her pale skin and white or silver clothes.

Aredhel was born in Valinor and was the daughter of Fingolfin and the sister to Turgon and Fingon.

In Middle-earth, she first lived with her brother Turgon in Nevrast, and later in the hidden kingdom of Gondolin.

Aredhel tired of living in Gondolin, and departed to wander free in Middle-earth. She wandered into the forest of Nan Elmoth, where the Dark Elf called Eöl dwelled. Eöl greatly desired her, and set enchantments to keep her from finding a way out. Aredhel came upon his house, and Eöl took her to be his wife.

Aredhel bore Eöl a son, whom she called Lómion, but was called Maeglin by his father. Once Maeglin was fully grown, and Eöl was away one day, Aredhel and her son left Nan Elmoth and fled back to Gondolin.

Eöl followed them to Gondolin, and in anger threw a javelin at Maeglin before Turgon's throne. Aredhel sprang before it and was struck in the shoulder. Unfortunately, the point of the javelin had been poisoned, and Aredhel took ill and died that very night.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Iarlachien