A great battle of the War of the Ring in which an assault was made on the armies of Gondor by the armies of Sauron. Leading the forces of Mordor was the Lord of the Nazgûl, and Gandalf the White led the forces of Gondor. The battle remained at a stand-still until Gondor was reinforced by the Riders of Rohan, who then were able to hold off Sauron's army.

Théoden, son of Thengel and King of Rohan, died during this battle after his horse fell upon him, breaking his body. His niece, Éowyn, was also at that battle, disguised as a soldier called Dernhelm. She (with the help of Meriadoc Brandybuck) slew the Lord of the Nazgûl and the fellbeast he rode.

Also present were Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth and a contingent of his knights.

The deciding moment of the battle was when Aragorn arrived in the enemy's own ships. Both sides thought the ships were bringing the Corsairs of Umbar to Mordor's aid, but when Aragorn's standard was unfurled, the truth was known.
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