Bëor was the beginning of a long line of sturdy men, including Barahir and Beren. His house, the House of Bëor, was also called the Eldest House of Men and the First House of Men.

Bëor was the leader of his kindred, and they were the first men to enter Beleriand. He led them over the Blue Mountains after years of wandering in the East. They believed that they had finally come to a land of peace and freedom. An elf, Finrod Felagund, came upon them one night and started to play Bëor’s harp while they slept. The men woke up and found the elf among them, and befriended him quickly.

Finrod Felagund became a fast friend of Bëor, and taught his kindred much language and music. For this Bëor’s family called him Nóm, or Wisdom. They took up the Sindarin language that Finrod Felagund taught them and left the language of the Dark Elves from which their old speech came.

There came a time that other elves told Finrod Felegund that they wished for Bëor’s group to leave, for they wanted peace in their man-free land. So his kindred left and relocated to Gelion, near Doriath. It was then called Estolad, or the Encampment.

After many years, Bëor decided to leave with Finrod Felagund to live with the elves, and became a very loyal vassal of them. He left his son Baran to rule the House of Bëor.

The elves gave him his name, Bëor, which stands for vassal. His earlier name was Balan.
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