Bill was a pony bought by Barliman Butterbur from Bill Ferny for twelve silver pennies. He was named by Samwise. The pony was bought for Merry because his own horses had run away from the stables of the Prancing Pony.

When first bought, Bill was underfed and half starved. He recovered, and the Fellowship used him to carry baggage until they reached Moria.

When they reached Moria, he was set free, and he found his way back to Bree. When the hobbits returned to the Shire after the War of the Ring, they stopped in Bree and found Bill.

At the Brandywine Bridge the travellers found Bill Ferny guarding the gates and drove him off. Bill the Pony caught him with a flying kick as Ferny ran off into the night.

Bill was present throughout the Battle of Bywater and after that he stayed with Sam until the end of his days.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Hathaldir