Also called Anfauglir, 'Jaws of Thirst'. Carcharoth meant 'The Red Maw'.

Carcharoth was a descendant of the werewolf Draugluin, and he was picked by Morgoth to be hand-reared to be the agent of Huan's downfall. Morgoth himself hand-fed him living flesh. He grew so big he could fit into no den, but sat hungry at Morgoth's feet. Morgoth then set him unsleeping at the gates of Angband.

When Lúthien arrived with Beren to regain a Silmaril, she set an enchanted sleep on him. Unfortunately, he had woken up by the time they were leaving, and Carcharoth bit off one of Beren's hand - the hand with which he was holding the Silmaril.

The Silmaril's fire burned inside Carcharoth, and he was overcome by madness. He ran away from the gates, howling and baying. In his madness he ran into Doriath and not even the Girdle of Melian could hold him back.

Then started the Hunting of Carcharoth, before the wolf had a chance to get too close to Menegroth. Some of the hunters were Beren, Thingol, Mablung and Huan.

The hunters came upon him in a deep valley north of the Esgalduin. He jumped at Thingol, but Beren intercepted his spring, and was bitten fatally instead. Then Huan leapt upon the wolf, and they fought long and hard. Eventually Carcharoth was killed, but not before mortally wounding Huan.

When he was dead, Mablung slit open his stomach to retrieve the Silmaril.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Hathaldir