Curufin was the fifth son of Fëanor, and he was most like his father in temperament and abilities. His name was simply an adaptation of Fëanor’s own birth name, Curufinwë.

He was born in Valinor, and took the Oath of Fëanor with the rest of his brothers. When he entered Middle-earth, Curufin held lands in league with his brother Celegorm, and the two brothers fought and schemed together.

He was a master craftsman, second only to Fëanor himself in ability. He was slain in an attack on Doriath, along with Celegorm and Caranthir. He was the father of Celebrimbor.

In the notes for a planned “excursus” on the names of the Sons of Fëanor (c.1968) Tolkien gave his Quenya name as Kurufinwë, Fëanor’s own name given for the child’s likeness to himself, both in temperament and looks. In these same notes the mother-name is given as Atarinkë ‘little father’ again because of his likeness to Fëanor. (Source: HoME Vol.XII, The Shibboleth of Fëanor)
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