The Dagor Bragollach, fought in the 455th Year of the Sun, was the Fourth Battle of Beleriand, in which Morgoth burst out from the Siege of Angband, killing Fingolfin and capturing many leagues of Middle-earth.

The Battle began when Morgoth sent out rivers of flame from Angband that set ablaze the wide plains of Ard-galen. Then his armies of Balrogs and Orcs issued forth, led by Glaurung the Dragon. They took the highlands of Dorthonion, the fortresses of Angrod and Aegnor, and Maglor's Gap - giving Morgoth easy access into Beleriand.

The only towers to hold against the army were Maedhros' fortress on Himring, Minas Tirith and the mountain forts in the Ered Wethrin. Nonetheless, the Siege of Angband was broken, the Sons of Fëanor scattered, and the forces of Morgoth roamed through the northern lands.

Fingolfin the High King rode across Anfauglith (the new name for the dusty, scorched plain that had once been Ard-galen) and challenged Morgoth to single combat. At the doors of Angband they fought a duel. Fingolfin wounded Morgoth, but eventually the Elf was killed by Grond, Morgoth's Hammer.
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