Léod of the Éothéod captured a wild white foal of the Mearas, and tried to tame it. But when he mounted it, it ran away, and eventually he threw Léod so he hit his head on a rock and died.

Léod left a sixteen-year old son named Eorl. Eorl hunted down the white horse, and demanded that it pay for what it had done by giving up its freedom. Surprisingly, the horse understood and agreed. The horse also took the name Eorl gave it: Felaróf, meaning very strong or very valiant.

Eorl rode Felaróf to the aid of Gondor, and he was granted the land that would become known as Rohan by the Cirion, the Steward of Gondor. Felaróf was then allowed to run free in the grasslands.

From Felaróf came the great race of horses called the Mearas. They lived as long as men, and were very intelligent, like their sire.

Felaróf died in battle with Eorl, and they were both laid to rest in a mound outside the gates of Edoras.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Hathaldir