Sometimes called Fingon the Valiant.

High King of the Noldor for a brief period from 455 to 473 of the First Age of the Sun. Fingon was the son of Fingolfin, and brother of Turgon and Aredhel the White.

Fingon was among the Noldor who pursued Morgoth into Middle-earth. He was the first to fight Glaurung. While Fingon temporarily defeated the dragon, he did not kill him.

His greatest feat was saving Fëanor's son Maedhros from Morgoth's tortures. This great deed reconciled the House of Fingolfin with the House of Fëanor.

Fingon became the High King of the Noldor in the year 455 of the First Age when his father Fingolfin was slain in single combat with Morgoth. Fingon himself was killed by Balrogs in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears in 473. He was succeeded as King by his brother Turgon, and later by Gil-Galad, his son.

The Quenya version of the name Fingon is Findekáno. The second stem meant "chieftain", while the first stem meant "hair". The name was given both in reference to Fingon's ancestry (the house of Finwë) and in reference to his remarkable long dark hair which he wore in great plaits braided with gold. (HoME 12)
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