Gorlim was also named the Unhappy. He was one of the faithful servants of Barahir after the ruin of Beleriand, and the husband of Eilinel.

When he returned from war he found his house robbed and empty and Eilinel was gone. He thought her to be dead, but after some time hope filled his heart and he believed her to live yet. He then returned to the camp of Barahir and continued to live there.

In late autumn he passed his house again as he often did and saw a light in the window. Eilinel was in the house, singing a sad song about Gorlim and how he left her. He was about to go in when he was taken captive by Sauron’s hunters and questioned about the whereabouts of Barahir. He would not tell a thing, so they bribed him with letting him return to Eilinel if him told them whatever they wanted. He bent under the pressure and told the hunters where Barahir camped; and then they took Gorlim to Sauron himself.

Sauron granted his wish to go back to Eilinel, but first told him that she was dead, and that the girl in the window was a phantom to draw him towards the house. Then Sauron killed Gorlim, and presumably he did return - in some way - to Eilinel.

Gorlim later appeared in the dreams of Beren son of Barahir, and told Beren to find his father and help him. Gorlim told him that he had unwittingly betrayed Barahir.
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