Son of Gálmód, also called 'Worm' and 'Wormtongue'. Sly and cunning, Gríma Wormtongue became the chief advisor of Theoden King in Edoras.

Little is known about Gríma's history, but before his seduction by Saruman, it must be assumed that he had been a loyal servant to Rohan for many years. After Saruman subverted him, Gríma slowly started whispering his lies into the King's ears.

This situation finished abruptly when Gandalf the White came to Meduseld, and freed Théoden from Wormtongue's influence. Theoden, remarkably, was then prepared to forgive Wormtongue, and have him ride beside the King on the way to war. But Gríma refused the King's offer, spitting at his feet and running from Edoras to Saruman.

At Orthanc, it was Wormtongue who threw the Palantír out of the window of the tower.

After the War of the Ring he went to the Shire with Saruman. On November 3rd, 3019 of the Third Age, Gríma stabbed Saruman and was then shot down by hobbit-archers.
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