A Marshal of the Mark of the Rohirrim from Grimslade in Westfold, under the command of Théodred.

During the First Battle of the Fords of Isen, he came to the aid of Théodred after hearing Théodred’s urgent call for help. Though Grimbold and his men made great haste and fiercely fought their way through Saruman’s forces in their desperate attempt to reach Théodred, they were too late.

Just as Grimbold arrived along with two of his men to help the king's son, Théodred fell down after having been slain by an Orc. Grimbold at once hewed down the Orc, and would have himself been felled by another Orc if it were not for Elfhelm having arrived just in time to eliminate the second Orc.

As Grimbold and Elfhelm knelt down to retrieve the body of Théodred, they found that he was still alive, although only long enough to speak his last words: “Let me lie here – to keep the Fords till Éomer comes!”

Now that Théodred had passed away, the retired yet still highly regarded Rohirrim officer, Erkenbrand, assumed command of the West-mark as was his duty. However, Erkenbrand gave Grimbold command of those forces already at the Fords until he was able to gather more forces from Westfold. Then Erkenbrand was able to join Grimbold in the Second Battle of the Fords of Isen.

Grimbold and his men took their positions once again at the Fords of Isen, while the company of Elfhelm covered the area north of the Fords on the east side. The attack of Saruman’s army was so fierce that Grimbold was forced to retreat across the Fords, incurring great losses of his men.

Grimbold held the eastbank for as long as he could while awaiting help from Elfhelm. Meanwhile Elfhelm and his host were being surrounded by Wolf-riders, thus hindering them from coming to the aid of Grimbold.

Grimbold was soon surrounded, and with no sign of Elfhelm still yet, he decided that he and his men must break out of the shield wall of their camp. This they did accomplish, and then made their way toward the Hornburg to join Erkenbrand.

After the Battle of the Hornburg, the Rohirrim rode to Gondor at their request for help. Grimbold led the third éored under the command of King Théoden to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, where Grimbold died as he valiantly fought for the freedom of Middle-earth.
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