Haldad had two twin children: Haleth, a girl, and Haldar, a boy. Both children became great in war.

He was a man of great reknown among the Haladin because he was very brave and masterful. When Morgoth sent his armies of orcs against the Haladin, Haldad gathered many men and traveled to the area of land between the Ascar and the Gelion. There he built a wall from water to water to keep the armies out. All the women and children were put behind the wall to keep them safe. The orcs besieged them there, and soon they ran out of food.

Haldad made a sortie to rally against the orcs. He was killed by them and Haldar was also, in a vain attempt to save his father’s body from gross slaughter. Haleth kept the Haladin together although some drowned themselves in the river out of despair. Caranthir eventually saved the Haladin.
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