Haleth daughter of Haldad, lived with her father and twin brother, Haldar, in Thargelion. This was in the land ruled by Caranthir, son of Fëanor.

Haleth and her family lived peacefully on their own as the Haladin did not acknowledge the rule of any lord. However, the Haladin did finally unite under her father Haldad when Morgoth sent orcs to raid and do as much damage as possible to her people. Her father gathered his family and as many of his people as he could and led them to a corner of land where the river Ascar met the Gelion, south of Sarn Athrad. There a stockade was built from river to river.

Haleth’s family and people were held under siege by the orcs until all their stores of food were gone. Finally her father led a sortie against the orcs and was slain. When Haldar, her brother, left the stockade to recover the body of his father, he too was slain.

Haleth, being a woman of great courage and strength, held her people together through a week of starvation before the orcs made their final assault on the stockade. But as the orcs broke through, Caranthir’s army came from the north to drive the Orcs into the rivers.

Caranthir, at last recognizing the valor of the Edain, did Haleth the honor of offering recompense for the deaths of her brother and father. Haleth and her people were then offered the protection and friendship of the Eldar and free lands of their own, if they would move further north.

Haleth, like most of the Haladin, was proud and unwilling to follow another’s guide or rule. She thanked Caranthir but declined his offer in the name of her people for the Haladin had chosen to follow her rule as the leader of her people. They then were no longer known as the Haladin but instead became the People of Haleth. They later became known as the House of Haleth, second of the Three Houses of the Edain.

Haleth and her people gathered together all of those they could find that still lived and what goods that could be salvaged. She led them to Estolad (the encampment of Beor's people) where they dwelt for a while. But all too soon Haleth wished to move westward yet again. While her people were against this, they still followed her. She led them by the strength of her will through much hardship and loss to Talath Dirnen beyond the river Teiglin where some chose to stay.

Those who wished to stay under her rule went with her to the Forest of Brethil, between the Teiglin and the Sirion. King Thingol claimed this area as part of his realm. Due to the intervention of Finrod Felagund, who had Thingol’s friendship, Haleth and her people were allowed to settle in Brethil - though conditionally. Her people were to keep all the enemies of the Elves, including orcs, from crossing the Teiglin - which they did.

Haleth remained in Brethil until her death. A mound was raised over her called Tur Haretha, the Ladybarrow, Haudh-en-Arwen in Sindarin. As she had never wed, her leadership was passed on to her brother’s son, Haldan.
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