A dwarf of Durin’s Folk, b.TA 2864, d. TA 2941. He was the younger son of Dís, sister of Thorin Oakenshield.

In The Hobbit, Kíli and his older brother Fíli, accompanied Thorin to the Lonely Mountain in TA 2941. Like his brother, Kili is recorded as having a yellow beard, a blue hood and a silver belt, and like him he also played the fiddle.

With Fili, Balin and Bilbo Kili reconnoitred the Front Gate of the Lonely Mountain and with Fili went to retrieve the surviving ponies and supplies after the disappearance of Smaug.
Fili and Kili fought with honour in the Battle of Five Armies, and fell there defending Thorin.

Note: Additional information from Cirdaneth
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