A shoreland region near Ered Lómin, north of the Firth of Drengist.

After the destruction of the Two Trees, Ungoliant and Melkor fled from Valinor and came to the shores of Middle-earth. Before Melkor could reach Angband, Ungoliant demanded that Melkor give her the Silmarils that Melkor had stolen from Fëanor. Melkor refused, so Ungoliant rose against him and enmeshed him in darkness and a web of strangling threads.

Melkor sent forth a terrible cry, that was the biggest and the most awful that had ever been heard. The cry summoned his Balrogs from under Angband, and Ungoliant was driven away into the south.

After that, it was said that the echo of that cry could be heard anytime someone cried outloud there. That was why the region was called Lammoth, the 'Great Echo'.
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