Lúthien (meaning 'enchantress') was also called Tinúviel (Nightingale) because of her beautiful voice.

Lúthien was an Sindarin princess, the daughter of King Thingol and Melian the Maia. She was born in Doriath.

In 465 of the First Age Lúthien met Beren in Neldoreth, and gave him her love the following spring. She aided Beren during his Quest for the Silmaril in many ways. She used her magic to rescue him from Sauron's dungeon, then disguised herself as Thuringwethil to gain access to Morgoth on his Dark Throne, and then put his whole court to sleep. She also healed Beren when he was injured. It was she who first talked to Huan and got him to help them on their quest.

When Beren was slain, Lúthien’s spirit broke, and she went to Mandos in the Houses of the Dead. There she sang before him, and moved Manwë to offer her new life. She chose to become mortal and lived with Beren in Tol Galen for about forty years. She gave birth to only one child, Dior Eluchíl.
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