Mallorns were a type of tree only found in Lothlórien. They were tall, beautiful trees with silver bark, leaves that were silver on the bottom and green on the top, and flowers of deep gold. Due to their coloration, the mallorns reminded the elves of Laurelin the Golden, one of the Two Trees of Valinor.

Unlike other Middle-earth trees, the mallorn did not shed their leaves until spring, when the new leaves were already sprouting. Then the Golden Wood was carpeted - and roofed - with gold.

The mallorn originated in Tol Eressëa, and the elves of that isle gave some seedlings to the Men of Númenor in the days of the sixth king, Tar-Aldarion. He then gave some of the seedlings to Gil-Galad of Lindon. In turn, Gil-Galad passed the seedlings to Galadriel, who planted them in Lothlórien. Later, the elves of Lothlórien used the giant trees as a basis for their housing, building flets among the branches.

In the Fourth Age, a mallorn grew outside of Lothlórien. This was the one in the Shire where Samwise had planted the seed that Galadriel had given him.

The word "mallorn" means "golden tree" from "mal" meaning "gold" and orn meaning "tree." The plural of "mallorn" is "mellyrn", but "mallorn trees" is also an acceptable plural. The Quenya word is "malinornë", with its plural being "malinorni."

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