Mithrellas was an elf of Lórien and, according to legend, a companion of Nimrodel.

When the Balrog was awakened in Moria in TA 1980, many of the Elves left Lórien and went to the Havens by the Sea. Nimrodel and her maidens, among them Mithrellas, did not depart along with their kin, but remained behind for a time. It is said that on their journey to the havens at Belfalas, where Nimrodel was supposed to be reunited with Amroth, Mithrellas was lost.

Tales have it however, that Mithrellas was wedded to Imrazôr, a man of high Númenórean descent. Together they had at least one child, a son named Galador, who became the first lord of Dol Amroth. From him are said to be descended the Princes of that land so allowing them to claim partly Elvish descent.
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