The Kingdom of Nargothrond was founded by the Noldor in Beleriand but it was later destroyed by Morgoth. Nargothrond, an abbreviation of Narog-ost-rond, was the name given by Finrod Felagund to the city he founded in the Caves of Narog during the first years of his exile in Middle-earth.

Finrod had learned of a honeycomb of delvings shaped originally by Dwarves, and wanting a kingdom which would also be a hidden refuge for the Noldor, he decided to site his new realm at Nargothrond.

The delvings of the original dwarves were enlarged by the elves, helped by more dwarves, and the resulting city was larger and more powerful than both Menegroth or Gondolin. It was also very wealthy, as the treasure that Finrod had brought out of Valinor was stored in the city’s vaults.

The city had three great doorways opening on the brink of the River Narog. Above each sides of the river were the sheer precipices of Taur-en-Faroth, making the city virtually impregnable. Nargothrond only fell when Turin was brought back into the city, and caused a great bridge to be built across the Narog.

An out-work of Nargothrond was Barad Nimras, the White Tower. This was a coastal fortress raised by Finrod to guard the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest from seaward attack.
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