Nienor (meaning 'mourning' in Sindarin) was the daughter of Húrin and Morwen, born after her father was captured and her brother Túrin sent to Doriath. Nienor was also called Níniel (meaning 'tear-female' in Sindarin) by Túrin.

She lived in Dor-lómin for twenty years before going to Doriath with her mother. When her mother left Doriath seeking news of Túrin, Nienor, going against her mother's will, accompanied her in disguise. She was separated from their party, and Glaurung the dragon cast a spell of forgetfulness upon her. She roamed the wild for days afterward, only to be found by Turambar, who was actually her brother Túrin.

She was loved by two men, Brandir and Turambar. She married the latter and concieved a child the following spring. Soon thereafter, Turambar left to hunt Glaurung. She followed him as she had her mother years before. Nienor arrived in time for Glaurung to, with his dying breath, reveal to her who she was. When she realized that she had actually married her brother and was carrying his child, she lept over a cliff.
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