The Second House of the Edain was the second group of the race of Men to make the journey over the Blue Mountains and westward into Beleriand. They were at first known as the Haladin, but were soon called by many other names after their most notable leader, Haleth.

There was, at first, no clear leader of these people. They were like to the people of the First House of the Edain but they were sundered from them in speech. They settled in the lands of Thargelion where the people of Caranthir son of Fëanor dwelt.

When Morgoth saw the relationships that had begun between the Elves and the newcome kindred of Men, he purposed to assail them. The people of the Second House were slow to unite until one among them gathered their folk together to fight against the Orcs who invaded their lands.

Haldad was the name of that man and he had two children who also fought valiantly for their people. They were twins named Haldar, the son, and Haleth, the daughter.

When Haldad and Haldar were slain, Haleth took up the leadership of her people. They fought against the Orcs until at last the folk of Caranthir came down and defeated the enemy. He offered to Haleth lands in which they might dwell, but she refused and the people of the Second House of the Edain moved into the lands of the House of Bëor, though they always remained a people apart.

Haleth again moved her folk into the Forest of Brethil and there at long last she died. She had never wed so the lordship of their people passed to her nephew, Haldan son of Haldar.

The Second House of the Edain was joined with the Third House of the Edain through marriage so combining those two houses in later years. Eventually all three houses of the Edain were joined by the same means.

The Second House of the Edain continued to ally themselves with the Eldar and were rewarded, along with the First House of the Edain and the Third House of the Edain, with the land of Númenor.

The notable descendants of the Second House of the Edain were as follows:


Twin Children

Daughter of Haldad: Haleth

Son of Haldad: Haldar

Son of Halmir: Haldir of the Haladin (wed Glóredhel of the House of Hador)

Daughter of Halmir: Hareth (wed Galdor the Tall of the House of Hador)

Encyclopedia entry originally written by Nienna-of-the-Valar