A hobbit of the Stoor tribe, born near the River Gladden in the 25th century of the Third Age. His parentage is not stated. Later called Gollum, he perished in the fires of Orodruin in TA 3019.

About TA 2463 Sméagol's friend and relative Déagol found a golden ring on the river-bed while fishing. It was the ruling One Ring lost by the Dark Lord Sauron long before. Seeking a way back to him it exerted a dark and powerful influence. Sméagol murdered his friend and kept the ring claiming it was a birthday present.

The ring enabled Sméagol to become invisible while wearing it and under its influence he maliciously eavesdropped on his family and community and stole from them. He developed a habit of making choking glottal noises in his throat, and was nicknamed Gollum. Eventually when his family and neighbours could stand no more they expelled him from the community.

Sméagol is an anglicisation of the hobbitish name Trahald, meaning "burrowing, worming in".

The rest of Sméagol's story is told under Gollum.
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