Thorongil, the 'Eagle of the Star', was an alias taken by Aragorn in his youth, when he left Imladris after learning his true lineage.

As Thorongil he served both Thengel of Rohan, Théoden’s father, and Ecthelion II, the current Steward of Gondor and Denethor's father. He came to be called Thorongil by the men of Gondor "for he was swift and keen-eyed, and wore a silver star upon his cloak...". He was accounted a great captain of Men.

Thorongil became a trusted counsellor to Ecthelion II, who was known to love Thorongil above all others of his Men.

He was also an essential part of the overthrow of the Haven of the Rebels in Umbar. After the defeat of the rebels, Thorongil did not return to Minas Tirith. All of the Men who lived there were saddened and felt it a great loss.
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