A hoard of goods acquired by trolls, over many years and stored away in a protected cave , or hole, that was also used as a shelter from the sun.

A troll-hoard usually contained jewellery, weapons and clothing acquired from the unlucky travellers killed and eaten by the trolls. The jewellery and other goods were simply tossed into a corner, but the weapons along with the clothing were hung on the walls.

Gandalf's sword Glamdring, Thorin’s Orcrist, and the long knife Bilbo later called Sting, were all recovered from the troll-hoard of Bert, Tom and William Huggins who still stand as stone sentinels near their cave in the Trollshaws.

Bilbo, on his way home from The Lonely Mountain gathered up some of the troll-hoard' s gold and brought it back to Bag End with him where much of it was used to buy back his auctioned off possessions.
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