Also called 'the Wise', the Hidden King, he was the Elven king of Gondolin. Born during the Ages of Stars in Eldamar, Turgon was the second son of Fingolfin of the Noldor (the first son being Fingon, and their younger sister being Aredhel). He was married to Elenwë, who died in the crossing of the Helcaraxë. They had one child, Idril.

After the destruction of the Trees of Light, Turgon was among the Noldor who pursued Morgoth and the Silmarils to Middle-Earth.

In Beleriand, Turgon claimed Nevrast as his realm. His hosue there was called Vinyamar. However, in the year 51 of the First Age, Ulmo the Vala showed Turgon the hidden valley of Tumladen within the Encircling Mountains. There in secret he built a city of white stone and called it Gondolin.

It was completed in 104, and Turgon ruled his hidden kingdom for five centuries. In 473 he led the Gondolindrim into the battle of Unnumbered Tears. Only the sacrifice of the rearguard of the Edain averted total disaster.

In 496, Ulmo sent the Edain hero Tuor to warn Turgon, but he refused to flee. After years of spying, Morgoth had finally discovered Gondolin's location, and sent his armies to destroy it in the year 510 of the First Age.

Turgon, with his sword Glamdring in his hand, died fighting in defence of his beloved city.
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