The two trees Telperion (the White Tree of Valinor, also known as Silpion and Ninquelótë which is Quenya for "white-flower") and Laurelin (Quenya for "gold-song"), also called Malinalda (Quenya for "gold-tree") and Culúrien, were created by the Vala Yavanna.

Telperion had dark green leaves and its flowers radiated a soft silvery light, while Laurelin had light green leaves and golden flowers radiating heat and light. The light from the two trees waxed and waned in turns during the day and night. This was the beginning of the blessed days in Valinor, as well as the beginning of chronology.

The Vala Varda used silvery dew from Telperion to create bright stars in Middle-earth before the coming of the Firstborn (the Elves) - thus her names Tintallë (Quenya for "star-kindler), Elentári (Quenya for Starqueen) and Elbereth.

The trees were killed on Melkor's order by the giant spider Ungoliant, who sucked out their sap. The light from the trees was then only preserved in the Silmarils crafted by Fëanor and stolen by Melkor. The Valier Yavanna and Nienna managed to keep the trees alive for a short while to produce one giant silver flower and one golden fruit, after which their blackened stems finally died. The radiance from the flower and fruit were collected in vessels and given to Varda, who used them to make Anar the sun, and Isil the moon.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Malinornë