Varda, also called Elbereth (‘Star-Queen’), Gilthoniel, Elentári, Tintallë, The Exalted and The Lofty. She is known as the Lady of the Stars. She is the most beautiful of the Valier, for the light of Ilúvatar shines in her face.

She is married to Manwë and dwells with him upon Taniquetil. She is also the Valier held in the highest reverence by the elves. When she is with Manwë, she has the ability to hear every voice in Middle-earth.

Melkor, who is no longer counted among the Valar, fears Varda more than any of the other Great Ones. She had rejected Melkor when she came to the aid of Manwë during the formation of Arda when Melkor tried to influence the other Valar with his discordant music.

Varda gathered the dews and rain from the Trees of Valinor and created wells of water and light. She used the dew to create new stars that would light the way for the coming of the First-born. These stars were the first things seen by the First-born, and this is why they revere Varda above the other Great Ones.
Encyclopedia entry originally written by Ringhilwen