“She can not be aloud to roam Middle Earth. We have no idea of who this girl is,” Elrond said to the fellowship and other elves, dwarves, and men.
“Well, she can not stay in Gondor forever. Someone has to help her get back to where she belongs,” Aragorn implied. Everyone mumbled in agreement. Suddenly someone cleared their throat.
”I know that you’re talking about me. I’m smart, you guys, and what I can do would blow your minds,” said a British, icey blue eyed, and icey blue haired girl, who was around twenty-one. “And I have a name. Jennifer Weasley and I- Woah, give that back.”
A young half elf boy had just taken her wand from her back pocket. The boy ran straight for Aragorn.
“Father, look at this. Is this a weapon like your sword?”
“It’s worse than a sword, I’ve decided to leave.” She took the wand and pointed it at her leather jacket. “By the way, thank you Gandalf for the tip. Earth, England.” She grabbed her jacket and disappeared.
“I do not want to know, Gandalf.” Aragorn sighed, rubbing his temples.

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