***This is a story that you can add onto!!! I thought it would be cool to see how it ends up!!! (But don’t end it cuz it will ruin it!!!) Have fun and I hope it turns out hilarious!!!!***

None of these characters are mine, if they were, I’d be makin money!! 🙂

The fellowship was walking through a vast forest, lost because Strider read the map upsidedown.

Pippin: Are we there yet???

Gandalf: We still have a loooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg way before we find out where we are.

Merry: How do you know???

Gandalf shows them a part of the map that says ‘Loooonnnnnggggggg way before you find out where you are.

Pippin: Ohhhhhh……are we there yet???

Sam: Mister Frodo, I told you I didn’t trust Strider, he’s starting to creep me out!!

They both look at Strider cautiously.

Frodo: I know, he’s always muttering to himself talking about him ruling and having World Domination!

Strider: *mutters* They’ll all see when I’m king….What are you two staring huh?? Got a problem with me talking to myself??? Huh? HUH??

Frodo and Sam look at each other worried and walk away from him. Suddenly a huge group of orcs come howling and waving weapons. They start throwing…………………

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