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Bad News for the Sackville Bagginses

Lobelia Baggins sat slumped in her chair, the expression on her face so sour it could have curdled milk. She was very upset indeed, for she had just learned from the Gossip of Sackville that Bilbo Baggins had decided to adopt his nephew Frodo as his heir.

As she sat there, the expression on her face became more and more glum, until she looked like a warped hag. When her son Lotho came home from working at the Ivy Bush, he was momentarily stricken by her face. It was not a pleasant sight to behold. Lobelia didn’t even look up. How could she greet her son and concentrate on being as grumpy as possible at the same time? She was on a roll.

Lotho was well acquainted with her reasons. He had heard the same from Old Ham Gamgee who owned the Ivy Bush. The Gaffer, (as he was otherwise called) spoke as one with authority; for he had tended the gardens at Bag End for well over forty years, and Lotho did not doubt that what he said was true.

“Supposing you heard the news,” he hissed sarcastically. Lobelia grunted. Lotho thought he had never seen his mother’s bottom lip protruding so far. He sighed and sat down heavily in a hobbit-sized chair. Lobelia sniffed.

“It was bad enough when Mr. Baggins, or Mr. Baggins’ impersonator came back from that journey of his and kicked us out of Bag End. Now this. Who does he think he is that he can dash all our hopes and dreams by adopting that slimy Bucklander Frodo?” Lobelia slammed her fist on the table. “I will do something about this! I will take it to the court of appeals, I will squeeze his filthy little neck! I will kidnap his nephew and hold him until Bilbo surrenders Bag End to us! He must! It was in his will! This can not be justified!” The poor hobbit broke down into a passionate flood of tears. Lotho leaned back in his chair and sighed again.

“Everything is perfectly legal, and there is nothing we can do. But as for being civil to any of those confounded relatives ever again… that I will not do! I resolve never to speak to them ever again. Unless, somehow, it can benefit us.” Lotho stroked his chin.

Lobelia too resolved to keep her anger and resentment bottles up inside, gnawing away at her heart. It would be ever seeking to find a vent…and would cause great trouble for the Shire in the years to come.

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