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“Why’s we do it; why?” Smeagol cried aloud to himself. He coughed his wretched cough. Gollum! Gollum! “We hads to; we needed to. She called uss, preciousss; we hads to obey her callses. Besidess, it’s not our faultss. Deagol, rest his soul, wouldn’t gives It to uss, and it was our birthday.” Smeagol rolled into a fetal position and began to stroke his shoulder.

“Yes, yes, She called us; She mades uss do it.” He hesitated. “No! No, we didn’t needs to do it. Deagol was our friend.” Gollum! Gollum! “No, stupid hobbit was not our friend; he wouldn’t of given Her to uss, precious.” Eyes glistening, Smeagol continued to stroke himself. “But he was our friend. He gave usss a present before, more than he could afford. Good friend; nice friend! Great fun!”

“You pity him too much. You makes uss feel mad about ourselfss.” Gollum! Gollum! “Precious, let it aside. Deagol wouldn’t give us the Precious. She calls us and we have no choice.”

“No, no! Deagol was our friend, must we say otherwise?”

“He was not our friend!” Gollum declared.

Weakly, motioning his hands in compliance, Smeagol replied, “Of course, of course, so sorry.”

“Those stubborn, stupid hobbitses sides with other hobbitses who said we were wicked and queer, involved in magic.” Gollum! Gollum!

“They hurts us, our family, they did. Sent us away on our next birthday. Says we’s too much into mischief, they did.”

“See, precious, see?” Gollum! A glint came to Gollum’s eye. He had Smeagol now. “No one cares for us, preciouss. No one cares. Theys only wants the Precious.”

“And we must protect Her. Yes, yes, I sees,” Smeagol agreed with a smile of realization forming. “We’ve gots to protect her. We’ve gots to stay way from everything.”

Gollum smiled evilly with success. He had fulfilled his purpose. Now he could have prevalence. No one would make Smeagol think otherwise. He would have complete dominion. “Yes, precious. Yes, indeed.”




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