Cearu. His name is Cearu and he is my brother.

I can’t believe that they lied to me. Orphaned and alone, I spent my childhood dreaming of what it would be like to have a brother by my side. I was afraid that I would never know how that would feel, but my hopes are rekindled once again.

My foster parents told me about my brother when I had just turned into an adult. Tears ran down their faces as they told me the truth that they had hid over the years. The minute I heard that, I ran out the door with a child’s hope. I hastened to the armory to gather my weapons and armor. I pulled on my armor, grabbed my sword, and readied my shield.

This would be my first time ever leaving Minas Tirith. I do not know the lands of this earth very well so I would have to use my senses to find the way. With nothing but his name, my brother would be near impossible to find.

I knew that leaving this fortress without permission would ensure that I would never come back again. I knew that I would be stripped of all military rank. What I didn’t know was the troubles that would be laid upon me. The world today is not the world it once was. Darkness even reaches the places where light never ceases. This would not be an easy journey.

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