There was one time when I lost my way
I wandered too far astray
Unseen eyes were watching me
Someone following, even though I could not see
Evil whispers, yet no sound
My way just simply could not be found
My hands were shaking
My legs quaking
My eyes silently sobbing
My heart painfully throbbing
All light was diminishing
Perhaps my life was finishing
Then upon my shoulder a cold hand began to creep
My screams no longer could I keep
I screeched, yelled and wailed
All my senses began to fail
Then I broke away and was free
So I turned around to see
What had scared me
Then what I saw gave me fright
For it was a barrow- wight!
Then I ran so fast away from there
For he had given me a great scare
And I fear him to this day
So I warn you never to lose your way
Lest your fate be the same as I
And lest you suffer until the day you die
Because on cold dark nights I always find
That barrow wight still follows close behind…

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