“Oh Galadriel, please let me go.”
Galadriel looked at Celeborn. “What do you think?”
Celeborn looked at his wife. “I think Finduilas should go. After all Galadriel, Elrond and Lela are with her. Nothing could happen.”
“But it’s so far away. All the way to Gondor. And so close to Mordor,” said Galadriel.
“Galadriel.” Celeborn stood and went over to his wife. He rubbed her upper arms gently. “Let her go.”
Galadriel sighed. “Alright Finduilas. You may go.”
Finduilas’s face blossomed into a smile. “Oh thank you.” Then she turned and rushed from the room.
The great elf Aegnor had had two daughters, Lothieiriel and Finduilas. Because of his deep love for his younger sister, Galadriel, Aegnor had named his first child after her fair realm of Lothlorien. As many elves, Aegnor had possessed the strong gift of foresight. And he had accordingly foreseen his death in the Dagnor at Bragollach. So he had left his two daughters in the care of Galadriel and her husband Celeborn in the realm of Lothlorien.
Lothloriel and Finduilas where five years apart. Lothloriel had the traditional golden hair and icy blue eyes of an elf. Finduilas was blessed with dark hair and bright blue eyes.
And so it was that when the young elf maidens had arrived, Galadriel had invited her granddaughter to welcome them. And her granddaughter was none other than Lela Half-elven, the elven princess.
Lela, Finduilas, and Lothloriel became the best of friends. Often, Finduilas, who was the more adventurous than her sister, would accompany Lela on her many adventures.

And what was it that Finduilas wanted to go to in Gondor? The ruling steward had died. And his son, Denethor, was coming into rule in his stead. Denethor had written to Lord Elrond Half-elven and requested his council in Minas Tirith. And had invited Lela along. In turn, Lela and Elrond had stopped in Lothlorien to invited Finduilas to come with them. And Galadriel had agreed to let her go.

Finduilas was grabbed swiftly as she rushed from the hall where her aunt and uncle and the Lord Elrond where. She was spun around. She stared into the excited violet eyes of her cousin, Lela.
“Are you going?”
Lela squealed in delight. “Come on. You’ve got to get packed. We leave tomorrow.”
Both elf maidens rushed down the hall.

Elrond looked at Celeborn. “Where’s Lothloriel?”
Celeborn and Galadriel looked at each other sadly. Celeborn sighed. “Lothloriel fell in love with a elf that was on border patrol. With Halidar. He was killed just the other day.”
Elrond’s eyes filled with sadness. “How much more is she going to be able to stand?”
“No more.” Celeborn sighed. He sat down. “She’s fading. Fast.”
“Where is she now?” asked Elrond.
“She is walking deep in the woods,” said Galadriel. “But she will not fade. There is one. Whom she will come to know. And love. One that we least expect.”
Elrond rose. He bowed slightly to Celeborn and Galadriel. “Then I hope for her sake she may find it soon.”

Early next morning Elrond came out of his room and walked down to where his horse was. He was dressed in a short black tunic, thick black leggings and a gray elven cloak with a small hood. His long dark brown hair was pulled in braids band secured with a simple silver clasp. His sword was belted around his waist.
To his surprise, he found his horse and Lela’s horse already saddled and waiting. Along with the two horses was another horse. A pure gray one that shone like silver. He cognized it as Finduilas’s horse.
“Morning Father.”
Elrond turned. He saw his daughter and Finduilas coming toward him.
Lela and Finduilas where dressed identically. Almost to Elrond. They also wore short black tunics and thick black stockings. But they had on black cloaks with large hoods. Finduilas had her bow strapped across her back. And Lela had her sword and tiny knives that where very dangerous in her capable and swift hands. In her right hand, Lela had her staff which her thrust holder on her saddle.
Finduilas and Lela swung onto their horses. Elrond smiled at them. “Where are Celeborn and Galadriel on this early morn?”
Lela grinned. “Still abed. Come. We have a long ways to go. And we mustn’t keep the new Lord Denethor waiting.”
Elrond smiled. He swung onto his large black stallion. “Lets go.”
The three galloped out of the gates of Lothlorien and headed in the direction of Minas Tirith.

Chapter 2-Denethor
Denethor studied the letter in front of him. He looked up and smiled slightly. At 35 he was a tall dark handsome man. But he had a hard look about him. His black hair hung free and his black eyes studied everything.
The newest steward of Gondor put the letter down and leaned back in his chair. The Lord Elrond was on his way to Minas Tirith. And he was bringing with him his daughter, Lela. Since the time he was young, Denethor the Second had heard the tales of the Elven princess. And now, he was going to see her. Here.
For a moment his thoughts drifted to his father. He sighed sadly. Ecthelion II, son of Turgon had died in his sleep, peacefully and with a smile upon his face. He had been confident that Denethor would rule the people wisely.
Denethor quickly shook himself out of his daydreams. The Lord Elrond and his daughter would be here in 5 days. And he had much to do before they arrived.

Finduilas, Lela and Elrond arrived 5 days later and all of Minas Tirith turned out to see them ride through the streets.
They rode through the winding streets until at last they arrived at the top.
Lela, Elrond and Finduilas where covered in flowers that the people had thrown to them and on them.
“Do they do this every time you come?” asked Finduilas.
“Yes,” said Lela. “And each time we come they throw a magnificent feast for us. And there’s feasting and dancing for at least 3 days.”
Elrond smiled at his daughter. “But what Lela does not tell you Finduilas, is that every male here in Minas Tirith and all those that are visiting will want to dance with the elven maids.”
Lela rolled her eyes.
Elrond laughed. “Here we are.”
They had arrived at a courtyard and in the center there was a withered white tree.
The elves swung down from their horses and headed for the large white building.
They entered and found themselves in the throne room. There was a large throne made from what looked like black marble. But no one sat on it. It was the throne of the King. Beneath it sat a small throne made from white wood. And on it sat a man clothed all in black.
He rose and came forward. “My Lord Elornd.” He bowed his head slightly. Then he turned to Lela. “My Lady.”
“Hail Denethor, Steward of Gondor and Minas Tirith,” said Elrond.
Denethor’s eyes met Lela’s and she held his gaze. There was something about his eyes. He could see into her thoughts.
“Mae govannen Denethor,” said Lela.
“Saesa omentien lle,” said Denethor to Lela.
Elrond turned to Finduilas. “May I present to you a cousin and friend to Lela. This is Finduilas, daughter of Aegnor. She dwells with Galadriel in her realm of Lothlorien.”
Denethor turned from Lela and saw for the first time Finduilas.
Finduilas stepped from behind Elrond where she had been hiding. She had seen Denethor and was slightly frightened of him. “Mae govannen, Lord Denethor.”
Denethor stared unashamedly. He had thought Lela Half-elven to be beautiful. But Finduilas surpassed any he had ever seen. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with pent up life. And her beautiful dark hair shone with the light of the sun that shone through the windows.
Suddenly, Denethor was very aware of the others in the room. “Oh. Saesa omentien lle Lady Finduilas.”
Finduilas blushed. She quickly stepped behind Elrond again.
Elrond smiled slightly. “I am afraid Finduilas is rather shy.”
Denethor looked at him. “Shy? Oh yes. Of course. Allow me to show you to your rooms.”
They turned and started off down the many hallways.
“I do hope you will join the people tonight.” Denethor smiled slightly at Elrond. “They have prepared a feast for you and your daughter.” Denethor looked at Finduilas. “And I am sure they will be most delighted that you have brought the Lady Finduilas to join them.”
Lela smiled. “Of course we shall come.”
Denethor’s face lit up with a smile. “And you Lord Elrond?”
“I will come.”
Denethor turned to Finduilas. “And you my lady?”
Finduilas blushed again. And nodded quickly.
“Wonderful. I will come for you all, let us say, in four hours?”
Elrond nodded. “That will be fine.”
Denethor showed each of them to their rooms.

Saesa omentien lle=Pleasure meeting you
Mae govannen=Well met

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