Arwen was standing in her favourite spot. She had her hair out and she felt very proud and beautiful. She started to let her fingers go through and adjust the flowers in her hair.

Then she saw the person (oopps… I mean elf) that she had not expected… Haldir. He was a stunning elf she thought to herself as he walked by and put his arm around her waist.
“My dear, what a fortunate meeting!” he said with much pleasure in his voice. He picked up her and kissed it gently. Arwen giggled quietly to herself but Haldir had heard her.
“What, may I ask are you laughing at?” he asked with a smile.
“It’s just that I had not thought that you would be here this evening” she replied quietly.
“Why did you not expect me I had left you a note on your desk?” He answered quite surprised.
” That was you? I assumed it was the servant Aragorn son of Arathorn!” She whispered in fright.

“Aragorn? “He retorted with much rage. Arwen’s expression changed from concerned to scared and devastated. Her eyes welled up with tears. However Haldir was already very angry and had started to pace murmuring to self.
“Aragorn, ARAGORN, How dare he?” he became so infuriated that bent down near Arwen’s legs, lifted her and tossed her over the side of the bridge.

Quiet a while later Arwen had finally dragged herself out of the river. She was soaked to the bone and as she walked home it started to rain. She started to sob and curse to herself about Haldir.
At that exact moment fate struck.
Aragorn after a long day cleaning Lord Elrond’s castle he had decided to finally go home. He saddled his horse and as he began to canter home Lord Elrond came running out of the door trying to stop him. Lord Elrond was looking lost and very troubled.
“Young Aragorn,” He cried trying to desperately get his attention. Aragorn very annoyed turned to face Lord Elrond.
” Aragorn thankfully I’ve found you in time.” He cried relieved.
” My daughter, Arwen, has not returned from her walk of the grounds and I’m getting concerned something dreadful has happened to her. Please can you ride to find her Aragorn, it is starting to darken.”
Aragorn turned from annoyed to distress as well because he secretly liked Arwen and now feared for her safety.
He rode faster than he never knew he could calling Arwen’s name frantically. Fate kicked in when these two almost hit each other. Well not really, Arwen had almost fainted and when she saw the horse, she fell to the ground in a heap.
Aragorn had seen this and instantly dismounted his horse and ran to her aid. He lifted her in his arms and placed her on his horse and than remounted the horse and rode back to the castle.
As soon as he arrived he could see Elrond let a huge sigh of relief and then run to his daughter. Elrond and Aragorn carried her to the medical wing and lifted her onto the cushioned bench to let the nurse assist her health. It turned out that she had not fainted out of fright but of cold.

Two months later Haldir was hunted down and shot. Aragorn and Arwen then got married even though all the false rumors of them being related. How do I know this? I am Prince Margarita, son of Arwen and Aragorn.
Aragorn was intoxicated at the time of my naming from 20 Margaritas. No one had forgiven him so they renamed me Audrone. My friends, Elysha & Hayley daughters of Legolas and one of the maids named Lucy. They call me Audi. It’s quite primitive but they think it’s funny so… Anyway that’s how my parent’s met and how I was born.
The only problem is that my family is now part of a war just like my friends families.

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