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A Long Expected Arrival

Primula looked at the little bundle of joy in her arms again with a smile. She could hardly believe that her son, Frodo Baggins, had just been born earlier that day. He was so tiny, so sweet, and so beautiful. He looked almost Elvish somehow. How much she had dreamed of this day, and at last it was here. She could hardly believe it. Quietly, she began to hum a slow waltz that she loved and found soothing


Drogo looked at his son with a sense of pride as both son and mother slept peacefully. His son was so precious to him already. Gently, he stroked the baby’s forehead and placed his finger in the tiny hand. Such strength for a little babe. Frodo stirred, and Drogo hushed him, picking him up and carrying him out with a warm glance at his sleeping wife.

He had so many dreams for his young son. Frodo would grow up to be more successful than himself. His life would be fulfilling and meaningful, and he would leave a mark. Drogo would teach him all kinds of farming tricks when he was both old and big enough to learn them. He would be the most well-behaved lad in the Shire, not perfect, but well-behaved.

The newborn babe stared up at his father, his big blue eyes wide with wonder. Drogo laughed quietly. “Hullo there, Frodo-lad!” he said with a smile. The baby blinked in reply. “What are you thinking, huh? What’s going on in that mind of yours, eh?” He tickled the wee lad’s tiny feet, and the baby tightly curled his toes and scrunched his legs closer to his body.

Drogo walked over to the rocking chair in front of the fireplace and sat down. He continued to admire the babe while rocking him. The crackling fire proved soothing to the chilid as he soon was fast asleep in his father’s arms.

Sensing another’s presence, Drogo looked up to see his wife smiling at him and their son in the shadows. Their eyes met, and Primula joined her husband and son staying silent, only their eyes talking, as they did not wish to wake their baby.


Primula rushed back and forth between the cooking food and wailing baby, not wanting to burn the meal but not wanting to neglect her child. Everything had to be perfect. Her friends were coming over for afternoon tea to see Frodo, and she could not be prouder.

Finally the food was done, and she removed it from over the fire and covered it so it would stay warm. Then, she tended to her child, who wanted nursing. Afterward, she dressed him in the sweater she had crocheted for him, the pants she sewed for him, and the booties Drogo had bought for him.

“Anytime now, love, they’ll be here,” she told Frodo who was staring up at her, cooing, his eyes wide with wonder. “What are you thinking? How will you react?” she asked with a wistful smile. “I wish you could tell me, but I can wait. It all goes by so quickly, my mother tells me. I don’t want you to grow up, but at the same time I do. Frodo-love, don’t grow up too fast.”

Frodo cocked his head as though listening, causing Primula to laugh. “Come, Frodo-love, we’ll go outside and meet them,” she said as she lifted him gently into her arms. “I wonder how you will react, my dear boy, being your first outing.”

Primula opened the door of her humble abode and took a few steps toward the gate. A butterfly fluttered by and hovered over the calm baby, closer and closer. Frodo reached for it, and Primula laughed. “No, no,” she told him, tapping his hand enough to get the message across. “You mustn’t hurt the butterfly now, dearest.” Frodo’s eyes watered and he began to cry as the pretty creature fled from his reaching hand. “Hush, now. Shh…” She rocked her body back and forth to try to calm him, and it worked.

“Frodo-love, don’t cry. Mama’s just tryin’ to help you learn. I love you too much to let you get away with anything. You need to learn even now.” Frodo’s eyes began to droop. “Hold on, Frodo, they’re coming up the walkway now. They’ll want to hold you. Please, dearest, keep awake.”


Esmeralda Brandybuck came to the gate, followed by Lily Bywater, Daisy Took, and Rose Proudfoot. They all oo’d and ah’d over baby Frodo, holding him in turn, commenting on how cute he was. Primula grew increasingly uncomfortable having her child passed around, and she longed for him though she knew not why as these were her best friends. She sighed with relief as Frodo began to get fussy.

“I’m sorry, but it’s time for his nap,” she told them as she took Frodo from Esmeralda. “I’m going to put him down, and then we’ll have tea, alright?” She walked to her bedroom and placed Frodo in his crib and rocked him until he fell into a peaceful sleep.


“Prim, you sure you don’t need any help?” asked Esmeralda after all the others had left.

“Yes, I’m sure. I can get the dishes. You already did enough, bringing over soup for me to reheat for dinner.”

“Alright, then. Good-bye. Call if you need anything.”

“I will; don’t worry.” The two embraced and Primula showed Esmeralda out the door.

Drogo came in after he noticed this, and he found his wife sitting in the rocking chair. “Hullo, dear.”

“Hullo,” she replied tiredly.

“Why don’t you go take a nap?”

“I have to clean the dishes and heat the soup for dinner,” she protested, yawning.

“I’ll care for that stuff and Frodo. You were up since dawn with him and then preparing –” Drogo halted his speech and smiled as he noticed his precious wife was asleep. “Dearest love, sleep well.” Gently, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to their bed, laying her down and tucking her in with the lightest sheet. Drogo kissed her brow softly and carried Frodo in his small crib out to the living room where he could keep a closer eye on him.

“How peaceful you look, dear lad,” he whispered as he went to do the dishes.




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