First Age
Year 532 Elrond and Elros are born
Elrond and Elros are 58 at the end of the first age
Second Age
Year 442 Elros dies
Elros is 500 at the time of his death
Year 1088 Celebrían is born in Ost-in-Edhil (it is said that she was born sometime before 1091 so I took poetic license and subtracted a few years.
Elrond is 1146 by the time Celebrían is born
Year 1350 Galadriel, Celeborn and Celebrían move to Lothlórien
Celebrían is 262 when her parents move to Lorien
Year 1697 (1700 by some references) Imladris -Rivendell- is established
Elrond is 1755 and Celebrían is 609
Year 2251 First sighting of Ringwraiths
Imladris has been established for 554 years
Celebrían is 1163 and Elrond is 2309 at the time of the meeting in this story
Year 3430 Last Alliance
Year 3441 Second Age comes to an end
Celebrían is 2353 years old at the end of the Second Age
Elrond is 3499 years old at the end of the Second Age
Third Age
Year 109 Elrond and Celebrían wed
Elrond is 3605 at the time of his wedding
Celebrían is 2462 at the time of her wedding
Year 130 Elladan and Elrohir are born
Elrond is 3626 and Celebrían is 2473 at the time the twins are born
Year 241 Arwen is born
Elrond is 3727 and Celebrían is 2584 when Arwen is born
Year 2509 Celebrían is captured and tortured by Orcs. She is 4852 at this time.

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