Innocence of a Kiss

She stood alone, white hands resting on the cold stone of the wall, making them even paler than before. Her golden locks tossed gently in the wind as it circled its fingers through the silk-like hair. The setting sun shone lightly on the graven face, bringing to light a new emotion that he had not seen before. It was not a fear per se, but yet, a calm presence of foreboding of what was to come.

He loved that about her, she always seemed to know what one was thinking. Though he knew some men may have found it unnerving, he found it to be refreshing. It made some sort of connection between their minds, giving them something deep in common. Making them one.

His study of her did not go unnoticed, she watched him warily from silver-grey eyes. She had long ago lost faith in all men but her brother, yet he seemed to have a quality about him that she could trust. She longed to trust him, but some force stronger than herself seemed to hold her back. An insecurity developed over time, but she finally put her distrust aside. How could she not trust him? She had no reason to doubt or believe in him. But suddenly she felt safe with him, and she knew she would never be harmed as long as he was near.

Her mind was brought back to the present from its reverie when a movement caught her eye. He was walking softly towards her, his leather boots making barely a sound on the stones of the floor. She wanted to turn around, but didn’t. He was at her side now, she felt his breath on her neck, and a shiver ran through her. Something that a man had never induced in her before.

Unexpectedly he took her hand, and gave it a gentle squeeze, as if to reassure her that he would do her no harm. Now she felt drawn to him, the resisting strength had vanished with her fear. He stood behind her now, and she let herself lean into him. She laid her head against his broad chest and listened to the rhythmic beat of his heart.

He had not expected such a reaction, but welcomed it, for it was more than he had dared hope. He then took up his courage enough to gingerly nuzzle her neck with his lips. His warm hands slid from her shoulders to her waist. She now turned to face him, and their eyes met. Azure blue and dove grey held each other captive. Her snow white arms went about his neck and alabaster fingers toyed gracefully with raven curls. Then the moment both had seemingly waited for their entire lives. The two lips met, not with wild and lustful passion, but with a sweet, delicate innocence that only first kisses can have. Her lithe body felt limp in his arms and he held her with a mild possession, telling her that he wished nothing more to be hers forever. Then as quietly as it had begun, the moment ended. No words were spoken and none were needed. All that had needed to be said was said. Both had read the words in one another’s eyes. Each read, ‘I Love You.’

Eowyn & Faramir
For Life and Love

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