By Firniswin

Rating: G

Spoilers: None [I don’t think]

Summary: On returning to Imladris, a flood of feelings come back and attack Aragorn.

Authors Note: Actually, this was a lesson in grammar for me. I am learning Prepositions, so my mom said I could write a story with those little devils in it. And low and behold I come up with this. Anyway, just kinda a short vignette. A VERY short vignette. Enjoy!

Characters: [main] Aragorn , um he talks about Elrond, Elrohir, Elladan, and Arwen. Or rather thinks about them.

Dialogue: No dialogue in this. But I think it is better without.

Aragorn walked across the bridge at Rivendell. It stood above the Bruinen, which flowed casually beneath.

His damp black curls fluttered amid the soft caressing breeze.

Long before he had lived among the elves in Imladris. He had fought beside his own brothers through thick and thin, they had protected him through all the dangers. His father had made them.

But now, after he had been again in the wild for more than five years. A life without the luxuries of home. He was once again within the grasp of the forest firs, the tousling flowers. The elven.

His heart leapt as he scanned the area beyond the bridge, all he held dear was in this land. Except one thing, after that second thought, his heart sunk into the pit of his stomach. It made him want to vomit.

Ada would never accept him again, not since Elrond was against his feelings for his only daughter.

Strider looked at the beautiful valley with a new sadness, he no longer had any pleasures in life. Not as he once had.

He missed the long cold nights near the fire while Elrond had held him close, as the thunder clapped and the lightning burst streaks of white across the night sky.

Then he had been safe, or the nights when the fire roared in the halls and his brothers had told him stories after their long hunts. He had much enjoyed those peaceful times.

But that was the past, that now trailed behind him. Oh how he wished once more to have Elladan and Elrohir beside him, how he wished for Arwen’s love. How he wished for another’s caring heart.

High above him, the thunder crashed and roared and the clouds began to streak the sky, blotting out the once joyous summer sun.

Soon, raindrops began to fall upon the man and he brought his thick old elven cloak about his broad and strong shoulders.

He gave one last longing look around the bend before disappearing into the rain and mist, traveling away from the place he once called home.


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