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A/N – Please note that I have TWO SEPARATE series! They are NOT connected in any way! This story falls under the Undying Friendship Series which includes these stories in chronological order: (1) Never, In All My Days (2) Instruction In Youth (3) Preparations (4) Hold To Hope and Not Give Into Fear (5) I Am Of The House Of Eorl (6) Birthday Celebrations (7) Catching A Steward Off His Guard (8) Never Again (9) Where Once My Enemy Stood (10) Offering Nothing More Than Tears (11) Never Alone (12) Memories In Wood (13) Every Year On The First Day Of March

Timeline for this story will be important and will not be linear, but will jump around, back and forth… Take note of the dates!!!

Also, there are several aspects of this story which many may consider AU. But for the most part, I try to stick to canon and have tried to throw in a few twists which I think can be considered inspired by and in keeping with canon though not directly in canon (if that makes sense). So pop some popcorn, grab a soda, pull up a comfortable chair and ENJOY!… LIGHTS! Cue music…

Never Alone

By Nieriel Raina

Chapter 1

Alone in the Rain

Eryn Lasgalen
April 1st Year 29 F.A.

The rain poured down upon the earth and newly green trees, driven in sheets by gusts of wind, drenching the still form of an elf. Lightning flashed above, followed by the crack of thunder, yet the elf stood silent and unmoving, as he had since the others had ridden away. That had been hours ago, and the sudden storm hailed the coming of darkness.

Salty streams, from once bright grey eyes, mixed with the rain, flowing unceasingly down the fair face in rivulets. Brilliant golden tresses, now dulled with the soaking downpour, hung in disarray around his shoulders, twisted and matted by the rain and wind, but he did not notice his state of being. He simply stood, alone in the rain, in a land that would never be home again.

Unhurriedly, he turned his head and looked towards the many trees that had been his friends since he had been old enough to walk amongst them. Soon, they would never see an elf again or hear their songs, for once he had departed this place, he would never again return. It would become a ruin, a place of legend, myth, and ghost stories to the men in the surrounding lands.

It was too soon! This was not supposed to happen for many years; nevertheless, it was happening now. A piercing pain shot through his heart, and he gasped out loud, pressing a long fingered hand to his chest. He had never liked saying farewell, and this time it was almost unbearable. He could not do this, yet he must. He slowly lowered his head in grief.

He should never have come here alone, but he had not wanted any of his friends to see him like this… as he knew he would be. Shaking his head, the lone elf moved to the grand stone steps that led up into beautiful stone halls… now empty of all who had once filled them. Sitting down on the steps and dropping his head into his hands, Legolas wept.


A/N – No fear, all will be explained soon! ~NiRi

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