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No Regrets

“Samwise, do you ever regret going with me on the Quest?” Frodo asked while sitting in front of the warm fireplace in his room in Gondor. Sam looked perplexed but then his face softened.

“No, Mr. Frodo, I never do. Why do you ask?” replied Sam with a sure voice.

“I ask because I often wonder if you do. You went through and saw so much you never would have had you stayed in the Shire.”

“Yes, I saw a great deal I wouldn’t have seen in the Shire, but it was worth it. Surely the Shire would have changed a great deal if the Enemy had ever caught sight of it.” Sam took a seat across from Frodo after pouring tea.

Frodo picked up a cup and took a sip. “Why was it worth it?” he asked. Ever since Gollum had planted a seed of doubt, it had remained even though he did not wish it to be. Sam had already proven Gollum wrong, but his asking for the Ring still had him doubting.

“‘Twas worth it because you were there an’ you needed me. All I would’ve done was fret the whole time – well, I did that a great deal o’ the time anyways – about whether you were safe an’ comin’ home I -”

“That -” Frodo sighed, “Why would you have fretted so?”

“You are my best friend, and I love you. What else would I do?”

“Very well,” Frodo said quietly, satisfied that his friend was genuine. “Thank you for caring so, Sam.”

“Mr. Frodo, I always have cared fer you, an’ I always will. I won’t never had such a good master –friend in my life, and that made givin’ my all t’ protect ya an’ help ya on the Quest all the more easier.”

“Thank you, Sam,” Frodo replied sincerely, and Sam found himself in his friend’s arms.


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