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All of the Dunedain that had traveled to Rivendell soon filed into the Hall of Fire where Glorfindel sat on a chair near the fire. Glorfindel looked up at the young Dunedain and motioned for them to sit down.

“I will tell you now the story of the Rise of Angmar and the Fall of the Dunedain” started Glorfindel, “for it is important that history is not forgotten so that future generations do not repeat those events that brought ruin unto that which is good. Now then, I remember the coming of the Witch-King quite well…”

Chapter 1: The Witch-King Comes

The Witch-King sat upon his steed upon a tall hill with his tall iron crown catching the sun in that area north of the Trollshalls which men for years had called Angmar. His lieutenant, Morgomir, stood beside him leaning upon his longsword.

“What forces shall we find here master? I see nothing but snow and ice!” said Morgomir.

The Witch-King looked at him and replied in his rasping voice, “We will find trolls, and those men whom call themselves the Black Numenoreans. These wastelands have made them tough in bone and sinew and they will serve me well.”

Both the Lord and his lieutenant looked swiftly as they saw a lone Troll battling many men, but this troll was armored and was extremely skilled with his large blade. The Witch-King and Morgomir exchanged glances and then hurried down to help the troll defeat these men. Since all three of them were exceptional swordsmen, they dispatched the men quickly and effortlessly.

The Witch-King looked the troll up and down and then said, “You are the most skilled troll I have ever seen, I could use you.”

The troll looked at him and replied, “Me Rogash! Me unite Hill and Snow troll to fight against puny men who try to make us fight. Me and trolls will fight for you if you give us meat and treasure!”

The Witch-King then said, “I am the Witch-King and I will give you all of the meat and treasure you want if you serve me Rogash, Troll of the North!”

With that Rogash beat upon his breastplate with a large hand and yelled, “Rogash kill men in name of Iron Crown!”

Rogash then led the Witch-King and Morgomir to the top of a nearby crest. From there one looked down onto a large, ramshackle village of trolls, but there were two kinds of trolls, one kind was shorter and had whitish-blue skin and white hair while the other type was taller and had a greenish skin and appeared to be wearing a kind of rough leather armor, or maybe it was its hideous hide. Either way they were both quite fearsome looking and if one could see the Witch-King’s shrouded face, one would have seen that it had an evil sneer plastered on it. However, the village wasn’t peaceful; there was much clamor and fierce cries were heard all over and one could even see fighting amongst the kinds of trolls. Upon seeing this, Rogash bellowed loudly, “Stop fighting! Our enemy be man!” With that he leaped into the midst of the village and began beating trolls with the flat of his blade and soon they had stopped. Rogash pointed to the Witch-King and shouted, “We have new master, he help us get meat and treasure! We fight for Iron Crown!” After that all of the trolls shook their weapons in the air and began bellowing.

Morgomir looked up at his master and said, “Well master, I do believe that raising an army took less time than expected.”

The Witch-King looked down to him from his steed and replied, “Yes it seems so, now we must bring the rest of this land under our grip!”


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