Of Haldir and Legolas
By Pippin_Took_Billy_Boyd

Chapter 1: Arrival in Lorien

Such a short while ago had the nine fellowship members been together.

There had been four hobbits, Peregrin, Meriadoc, Frodo and Sam, small men with large, hairy feet and curly hair, unaware of their surroundings, but glad to be with each other in their horrid situation. One of the hobbits, Frodo, bore the one ring, the ring of power. That was what the fellowship was here for. To destroy the ring in the fires of mount doom, where it was forged.

Two men: The son of the steward of Gondor, and the future king of Gondor if the dark lord Sauron was defeated: the two men where the sons of Arathorn and Denethor, Boromir and Aragorn.

Then there was the golden-haired, immortal prince of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf, elven son of King Thranduil of the woodland realms. The prince was born with keen elven senses and very muscular, handsome beyond belief.

One member was a dwarf, Gimli son of Gloin. His father had traveled with Frodo’s uncle sixty years ago. The dwarf never agreed with the elf and was fond of the small hobbits.

One of the Istari, Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, a magical wizard clad in gray with a long gray beard, blue hat and wooden staff. He had been their leader.

But now, eight remained. The hobbits had scares from battling in the ancient dwarf mine Moria, the men beaten and tired but still hale. The elven prince bruised and scraped, but surviving. The ninth member of the fellowship, their leader, their wizard, had fallen off the bridge Kazad-Dûm in Moria, while fighting the man-shaped beast known as the Balrog, a fiery demon.

The fellowship grieved long and hard. The last Gandalf had said was ‘Fly you fools’ and Aragorn son of Arathorn, one of the men, took those words seriously.

Aragorn became leader of the Fellowship with the death of the wizard. Despite Boromir who would have rather had an elf or having himself leading, everyone agreed to Aragorn leading for he was a ranger and possibly future king of Gondor.

Barely giving the members of the fellowship a time to mourn, he led them away from the scene of the death. He brought them, to the borders of the Golden wood: Lorien, a beautiful elven forest that Gandalf was to take them to if he had not perished.

Gimli was not fond of this idea, but was forced to agree. It was partly his fault that they had gone through Moria, but it was one of the only paths they could have trod.

Arriving in Lorien, they where found by a band of elves and the March warden of Lorien…

“Haldir of Lothlorien.”

Aragorn strode over to the blond March warden elf whose arrow pointed to Gimli’s head, threatening to be released. The son of Arathorn placed a hand on the March warden’s bow and gently lowered it. Haldir replaced his bow and arrow.

“It has been a while since our people have seen your kind here. As well as dwarves and hobbits alike.” Haldir spoke slow and fair. He surveyed the fellowship. The dwarf, he was not pleased to see. The four hobbits he had nothing against, though the tallest one who bore a scarf looked as if he was waiting to cause as much trouble as he could. The men, he knew one of them, Aragorn son of Arathorn.

Haldir’s gaze stopped at the golden-haired member of the fellowship. He was so familiar, as if he knew him. He could not recall seeing the elf, but somehow he was reminding of a small elf child he had known long ago. Though Haldir knew this could not have been the elf he had cared for. The elfling he looked after was always excited; always grinning from ear to ear and always had messy hair. This elf was clean, calm and showed no expression whatsoever. He could see, though, a small resemblance of the elven king Thranduil.

Haldir suspected that this elf was not the youngest child of King Thranduil he had watched long ago, but King Thranduil’s eldest child, Tonus, who was much calmer than the youngest son of Thranduil.

When Legolas’ gaze met Haldir’s, Legolas knew at once who that was. He recalled his father Thranduil telling him about a babysitter who had watched him as a child. The sitter’s name had been Haldir and Legolas had loved him. Legolas always wanted to see him when he was young, but Thranduil could only allow Haldir to come when he needed someone to watch Legolas, as Thranduil was too busy to have guests over for no other reason.

Legolas barely knew Haldir now, though he still had some memories of him with Haldir. He had not seen Haldir since the year 100 when he was thirteen, and this year would be the year 3019 and he would be turning 2,932.

Haldir fixed his gaze back at Aragorn. He looked back at the dwarf for a brief moment and then ordered his elves to replace their bows and arrows.

Haldir spoke to Aragorn in elvish. The hobbits, Meriadoc and Peregrin, though most called them Merry and Pippin, could not understand and asked Frodo, their cousin, to translate. Frodo knew very little elvish and could barely understand any of what they spoke. He could pick up the words dwarf, Gimli, blindfold and forest, but every other word was either spoken too quickly or too complex for Frodo’s knowledge.

“I am Haldir of Lothlorien. I am a March warden, a guard of the northern borders of Lorien,” Haldir began, noticing the elven traveler’s eyes light up at the mention of his name.

“My brothers, Rumil and Orophin, speak little of your speech, but they welcome you.” Haldir’s eyes rested on Legolas’ before switching to Gimli.

“Aragorn has told me of why you come. You may pass through the golden woods to speak to the lady and lord. But, the dwarf must travel blindfolded.” Haldir finished, looking at the dwarf who immediately was furious.

Much bickering took place. In the end, everyone went blindfolded, despite Legolas’ many protests against himself being blindfolded as he was an elf and deserved to see the golden woods.

Haldir heard Legolas’ bickering, and knew that voice. He recalled, over two thousand eight hundred years ago, hearing that voice, remembering it back talking to king Thranduil, he remembered the voice’s owner being slapped across his face, and he remembered who that voice belonged to. He just still refused to believe that it could be Legolas who was here, the elf child he had babysat and grown to love.

Before Aragorn allowed them to be blindfolded, he put out a hand to stop them. Haldir raised one eyebrow at this.

“I realize that you do not know our names, and leading eight strangers from distant lands through the forest would be most unfair. I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn as you know, this dwarf is Gimli son of Gloin, these four hobbits, or haflings as your people call them, are Meriadoc, Sam, Peregrin and the ring bearer Frodo. This man is Boromir, son of the steward of Gondor. Finally, this elf is Legolas Greenleaf son of Thranduil, prince of Mirkwood.” Aragorn showed Haldir to each of the fellowship members.

Haldir merely nodded at each member, but when he came to Legolas he stopped. He looked upon the elf with great respect, and could not believe this was the excitable little child he had once watched. How handsome, beautiful, talented, strong, fearless and calm he was. Haldir knew at once the elven king Thranduil was so lucky to have raised such a beautiful, talented son.

“Thranduilion.” Haldir whispered so low that only Legolas could hear…

To Be Continued…

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