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Our Frienship will last forever
As I walk down the halls of our past, I see the things we hold true to the end. All the adventures we went through, and all the days we were separated.

Seeing Aragron and Arwen marry, watching Frodo sail away, and having our dear old Sam follow him to the last of his days. I realize this, our fellowship has indeed ended.

Watching you and Diamond become wedded and you having your child, Faramir, I said to you, ‘Pipp, our friendship will never fail.’

Now, years after the fellowship has ended, we came to Gondor, to be With Aragorn and Arwen to the end of our days. you, still the esquire of Gondor and I, still the esquire of Rohan. and I said to you, ‘Pipp, our friendship will never fail.’

Now, in our beds we lie, laughing about our old times. Remembering all the jokes we played and still do to this day. I fall silent thinking of all this and smile as I remember.

I lay thinking, and listening to you talking about this when you become quiet and then suddenly burst out into our old walking song. I smile as I listen to you sing in your still fair voice. I begin to close my eyes and say to you one last time, ‘Pipp, our friendship will never fail.’

I take my last breath and listen to you sing. Your voice has now become a distant whisper as my soul lays to rest forever. But I know in my heart, that our friendship will last forever.

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